Musescore 3.7 Evolution bugs

• Feb 29, 2024 - 00:22

Hello Jojo. A bug, not present in previous versions, was somehow introduced in MU3.7.
In other versions, if we select the last note of a measure and press the keyboard shortcut of a longer duration, automatically the same note is generated tied in the next measure.
Example: Suppose in a 4/4 measure we have two half notes, C and D. If we select D and press 7 (shortcut to whole note) automatically another half note D appears in the next measure and already tied to the D at the previous measure.
Now, at the latest appimage builds of MU3.7, whenever I try to do this the program crashes.


Today, just as an experiment, I delete all Musescore files from .config and .local/share, therefore erasing all user configurations and starting with a brand new config solved the issue. It may have been some corrupted configuration or some bug related to configurations that hits too rarely to be noticed.

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Hope it doesn't bother you, but right now I tried to extend a note in the 2nd voice (the green one) beyond the measure and it happened again. I also tried at the fourth voice (the pink one) and the same. However when doing so in the first voice (blue) everything is ok. Can you or anyone out there try it in a score with multiple voices and see if the same happens? It works at first voice but not in second and so forth.

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