Feedback for plug-in Tempo Copy and Paste

• Feb 22, 2024 - 04:21

Revised: Allows you to select and copy one (or a range) of measure(s) and then paste the range of tempos in other areas where the “top line instrument” has notes that match the offset.

If no note corresponds to the tempo’s offset, then it will go to a close by note. To fix the misplaced tempo,
1) Select the tempo head
2) Press ctrl-x to delete it
3) Select a note within the score that matches the tempo offset
4) Press ctrl-v to paste the tempo to the note.


Hi, just tried it but couldn't get it to work. It apparently copies (it displays the message "found X measures") but go-paste doesn't result in anything.

I tried in MuseScore 3.6.2. Is it supposed to work only in MS4?

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Thank you for testing it. It was only tested in 4.2.1. I just tried it in build and I was able to sometimes get tempos copied. Not sure why it can only work sometimes.

During the 3.6 testing, I just realized that the plug-in does have a problem in that tempo is only pasted into the first note of the measure. This needs to be fixed.

*** Update: this is mostly fixed in TempoCP-a4A. Please see later comments for a detailed explanation.

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The updated -a4A seems to work in version 3.6.2, even though the difference is two lines of code. This will add a tempo as close as it can to an existing note or rest found in the top line instrument. If you can move an instrument that has notes that match the tempo marks, put that at the top.

It makes sense that there is a note or rest to start the tempo change. I hopefully can work this out.

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I’m not sure why it doesn’t work for you. Are you using Windows 32 bit or similar? I use Linux which only has a 64 bit 3.6.2 download.

It seems select works differently in v4. In 3.6, you can’t select more than one measure for the destination (it will automatically go to following measures based on input) and the selection type should select the whole measure with a box around it.

Please try it. In 3.6.2, when it first starts, if I click the first measure and press C, no note is entered. I must press the rest to overwrite it. Then, notes go in. That is why I think selection works differently. Also, in 4.2, I can Go-paste into a multi-measure selection but not in 3.6.2.

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At least it works sufficiently in the same score. A different score in Musescore is a different program instance. Standard copy-paste works across programs through the Operating System but the plug-in works differently. I never thought of working across scores. It’s good feedback.

I think file access may not work in Musescore 4. Otherwise, one plug-in could copy info into a temporary file and a separate plug-in would read it and apply what it was told. I was just given an Easter music project so I need to work on that first. ;-)

Update: FileIO should work on 4.0 so I’ll try it.

Revised version:TempoCP-a4A
Musescore 4+
A prior version only places tempos at the beginning of a measure. This version will copy and paste to tempos attached to different subdivisions within a measure. But! It will need a corresponding note or rest on the top instrument line to attach to. This version, if it doesn’t find an exact note or rest at the expected location, will add a tempo nearby. (A bit more research is needed to copy in all circumstances). If you have an instrument that has a note start or rest start matching the tempo pattern, move that instrument temporarily to the top of the instrument list.

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