Instruments not sounding right - crackle sounds

• Feb 18, 2024 - 22:43

Today, i tried making a new score, when i suddenly found out the instruments sound extremely messed up. It's like a high pitched crackle sound. And the tempo of the music also messes up. I tried updating musescore, and re-installing. None of these worked, and it's frustrating me a lot, since i need to make sheet music for my upcoming school exam, and i simply can't because of this issue. I've included an audio of what's happening (it would be a video if it were possible) The audio inlcudes a score of mine playing, and me pressing random notes on the keyboard. I've also included a zip file of the diagnostics. I'm looking forward to a response.

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2024-02-18-23-37-00.ogg 291.51 KB 310.1 KB


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