Can I open an old score in it's original MS version or must I do it in MS4?

• Feb 16, 2024 - 03:12

Subject pretty much asks the question. I am forced to open older scores in MS4, which requires a lot of fiddling around to make the changes needed and to make the finished re-write presentable.
Thanks in advance!


Scores that were created with MuS 3, for example, can be opened with MuS 4 without any problems.
However, if you save them with MuS 4, you can no longer open them with the older MuseScore version! Therefore, save them in a different directory so that you still have both available.
Exception: If you are using Jojo-Schmitz' MuseScore 3.7 Evolution, it will work with some restrictions:

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hough most errors are possibly my own, I DO have problems when opening previous scores [from MS3, eg] in MS4. Sizing, the navigation bar, everything tends to need adjustment after adjustment when all I want to do is fix an identified error in the original, or add an additional part, etc. I will try some of the suggestions on this thread and "transcend".
Any more suggestions are appreciated. I like many of the MS4 features and dislike others--maybe I'm just comfortable doing it the "old" way?

You're not forced to open V3 scores with V4 at all.
You can perfectly have V3 and V4 installed on your PC, and use V3 for V3 scores and V4 for V4 scores.
What you can not do is link the double click action on a file with V3 and V4, that's all V3 or all V4.
So if V4 was your choice, to open a V3 score with V3 you need to start V3 and open the score from there, or right click on the score and select "open with..." And then select V3

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