An extremely useful Clipboard option idea

• Feb 6, 2024 - 18:34

Hello everyone,

I just joined this server right now, so I don't really know what am I doing. I just really wanna get an idea out of my head thats been on my mind the past few weeks now. And to back that idea up, i have provided the best possible visual presentation that could be made in under 7 minutes. Also wanted to ask you guys think what do yall think of this simple add-on feature thingy?

The explanation:

I have been practicing my Chopins and Scriabins on piano the other day ( Chopins Revolutionary etude and Scriabins etude op 42 no 5 if anyones wonderin), and i really liked the left hand accompaniment of both of those pieces. And i was like, yeah, lemme just open musescore and insert the left hand chord progression from Scrianbin and add sum improv-right hand on to it, theres this cool augmented chord, then some minor ones...... you get the point. But i immediatly quit cuz i couldnt be arrse'd to copy note by note, or download another musescore file AND THEN copy from that.

So i thought of something, why not write down an augmented triad arpeggio for the left hand ONCE, and then be able to copy and paste it to your liking wherever you want / at any time?

Like an permanent clipboard from which you can just drag on midi data from the clipboard to the score itself?

Introducing the elements tab!

when you add the element to the clipboard, you get the option to add some information to go along with it:
- a title

-what clef to paste it to ( is this useful??)

  • key ( maybe?)

  • the length of it ( so it doesnt paste empty space onto the rest of the score?)

all of this can be seen on each saved element on the outside,
and by pressing the info button, it shows you all of that , plus the date when it was saved and an option to edit the notes or title or whatnot.

I guess this can also be compared with the Geometry Dash editor clipboard thing, that allows you to copy one kind of structure up to 100 objects? In this case, howabout also setting a limit of 100 notes to be pasted in a maximum of 4 meassures clipboard? Again, just ideas.


Good idea. I've been saving titbits into eg. jot.mscz and copying from there and duplicate with keyboard shortcut key R

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