Iterate and replace uncommon notes

• Feb 11, 2024 - 00:52

Hey guys,

im trying to find a way to substitute uncommon notes like a#, e#, fb and so on... by bb, f and e.
I was trying to write a plugin for that but i have troubles at iterating through the score. Do you have an easy example of it? I also appreciate other hints that lead to the solution.

Thanks everyone!


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Thank you so much for your fast reply! It works and thanks for offering such an easy configuration!
But i also have a question: It works but it seems like that i have to write (any) note after activate your plugin to replace the accidentals otherwise nothing will happen. What did i wrong? It doesnt matter if i choose a selection or whole score.

Edit: I checked it by myself and added curScore.startCmd(); and curScore.endCmd(); and now it works perfectly fine. Thank you! 🙏

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