Double Segnos and Double Codas

• Feb 2, 2024 - 15:09

How do you deal with Double Segnos and Double Codas in MuseScore 4?


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Once the signs and labels have been set, you can edit them. You can change the visible text, but this has no effect on the sequence. So you must then also adjust the names of the markers and labels in the properties so that the flow is correct. The standard labels are "Jump to segno", "Play until coda", "continue at codab". For the second usage they are modified to "Jump to varsegno", "Play until codac", "continue at codad". Of course, the double coda in your example must get the label "codad" and the jump is performed to the "varsegno".
I am pretty sure that this also works in MuS 4, as it does in MuS 2 and MuS 3.

These additional symbols are not included in the palette. If you need them frequently, simply add the newly created symbols to the palette.

In most pieces of music, the coda marks the final part of the piece (Italian: coda = tail), so it usually only occurs once. But there are exceptions ...

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