Horizontal positioning of same pitch notes on staff

• Jan 30, 2024 - 23:22

In the attached partial score at organ lower stave bar 20 there is an unsightly clash between the downward stem of an E minim and a tied E semibreve. I tried different sequence of entering those notes, no! The only way I could make it work, sort of, changing the stem direction of the E minim.

I'm not an organ player and have absolutely no idea how important or not the stem directions are for their art, but seeing ties and stems crossing each other looks like a no-no to this non-musician.


Click on the semibreve to select it and in the Appearance section of the Properties panel increase the horizontal offset to move the note to the right of the minim.


You may also want to increase the leading space of the notes on beat 3 as I think the spacing looks a bit cramped. You only need to adjust it for one of them, all the others will maintain their vertical alignment.

You would also probably do better to have the minim E and the following one at the lower octave in voice 2 with the semibreve in voice 3. Voice 2 stems point down by default. Voice 3 stems point up.

The engraving engine of MuseScore 4 is supposed to manage these situations automatically.
You can open a bug report on github.

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