Changing Tempo -- Why is this so difficult????

• Jan 23, 2024 - 00:29

How do you change the tempo in MuseScore application? Why is this a question that even needs to be asked? Why can't I simply click the tempo and change it?? Did the designers not think the tempo would ever need to be changed? That's something unfathomable? I've been searching through every menu in this application for the past 15 minutes and am about to pull my hair out. I am dumbfounded at how difficult it is to do what should be a fairly elementary task in this application. PLEASE FIX THIS.

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You have to drag the playback toolbar out of its docking, and more options will appear, amongst which a slider for tempo. Yep. It's absurdly obscure.

To be clear: that's not your score; that's the toolbar. To change the tempo of your score, edit the actual tempo marking on the score itself - normally present above the first measure. Or if there isn't one, add one from the palette. The toolbar override is just for temporary practice purposes and doesn't actual change your score's tempo at all.

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The toolbar should always show the current tempo - the tempo at the position of the playback cursor (remember, tempo can change many times through the course of a piece). It even updates during ritardando and accelerando. If you have a score where the toolbar does not seem to be displaying the correct tempo for the current playback position, please attach it and give precise steps to reproduce the problem (eg, which measure to start playback on where the toolbar doesn't show it correctly).

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