MuseScore for iPad

• Aug 13, 2020 - 17:40


Is the current version of MuseScore available for iPad?

I don't need it for editing. Just for reading music and having MuseScore play the scores.



Are there any rumors of a port, at least for the m1 iPad? I'd gladly use the app with a keyboard, don't need the apple pencil drawing or anything, just the app running on an iPad pro. That's all I'd like for now.

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" A student of mine only has an ipad, no PC, and all I want to do is send them files I have created so they can play along and adjust (slow) the tempo. We can't seem to get a version using the app to do that."

That's odd, we do that all the time.

Notate the piece in the musescore PC desktop program.
Upload the piece to free online account.
Play the piece with tempo adjusted as desired in the free I-Pad app.

Does this not work for you ?

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