Musescore 4.2.0 Crashes

• Jan 20, 2024 - 20:36

I created a large 6-minute score for Concert Band in the most recent version of Musescore 3. On my old PC, an i3 single core, 8 gb ram, Musescore 4 would not play it without a lot of stuttering. So, I upgraded to a 4-Core i5 with 16 GB ram. MS4 gets 63 measures into the score and crashes every time at exactly the same measure (64) and beat (1). MS3 still plays the entire score just fine. I've reset and reinstalled with no difference. Other scores seem to play fine, but none are nearly as robust as the one that crashes. I've included the score for someone to try to see if they get the same error. Suggestions?

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I don't think it is a problem with the size of the score. I don't have MU3 anymore, so I can't check it.

There is some kind of problem with the notation after measure 63. As I delete the notes in measures one at a time, playback goes a measure further before a crash. As an experiment, starting at that measure, I would remove all articulations and dynamics until a culprit is found. If at all.

Another problem is that the culprit might not even be on that page. It might be a few or several pages befor or after. MU4 doesn't like something that was either OK in MU3 or it couldn't read it.

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