Empty bars not hiding...

• May 12, 2020 - 16:06

Not sure what the problem is here, I might be overlooking something but I have "hide empty bars" selected and yet the empty bars are still visible...
Thanks for the help.

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If all staves within a system are empty, then MuseScore will force show the first staff. Otherwise someone reading the score won't be aware that time should be passing during playback there.

Ah, I see now that you're using drumset as an intro in-between. In that case I propose 3 possible options to make this work.
1. Use measure stretch
2. Use a fixed spacer to overlay the staves
3. Use measure stretch and leading space offset on the first measure rest which can be made invisible.

I've done each method once in the attached sample. Personally I'd go with option 1 as it is the only option that remains musically true to what is happening.

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Bump. Same problem, different context. Thought I'd reuse the thread.

I'm having problems hiding staves throughout this score. I attached the first page:
/Users/Mini2/Desktop/hide staff.mscz.zip

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Ok. I added a second piano (upper), to add alterations in small staves, and in the style of an Ossia. This part is empty except the two places I have pasted measures: the intro, and the Coda ending, both visible here.

I'd like to focus on the bass clef. This is from the Piano I (large). I can't make it go away. These are new, inserted measures. I cannot hide this staff, or find anything on it. If I add more measures and line breaks, it will disappear on the next line, which will instead have an unhideable treble clef of Piano 2 (small). Going back and deleting the offending first line will bring the bass clef forward: it will unhide on the next line down.

Clearly MuseScore thinks this is not empty. But what am I looking for? what kind of object bumps a trace of itself forward to new measures when it is deleted? If this is a bug, can you help me figure out what the case is? (why it's happening specifically here)

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For me it looks like this pic 1 (before). The pedal marks in red are causing hidden staves to show.

Adjusting the pedal asterisks back one beat I get pic 2 (after).

The second staff is fixed, but the first is still wrong. The empty Pno2 bass clef has been replaced with an empty Pno1 treble clef. Are you saying that for you, the file looks like the second pic, without any adjustment?

And if so, why is that fixed? It's definitely better. but still showing unwanted staves.

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