Zéro width spacer are not correctly saved

• Jan 13, 2024 - 22:57

When making the layout of the parts, I want to have some spacers set to 0 width one some parts and non zero width on other parts.
I do this, e.g., before a one measure coda. On some parts, I want to have to coda measure on the same line has the preceding measures but separated by a space. I use a spacer with a non zero width. On some part, I want that coda measure on a new line, and therefore I set the spacer's width to 0.

In the example score, I have use 2 horizontal spacers.

In annex both the exports of the score when I saved the score. With some spacers set to 0 width.
And the .mscx file. When one opens it, the spacer with a 0 width have again a non zero width.

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SpacerIssue-Clavinet.pdf 26.04 KB
SpacerIssue.mscz 48.15 KB
SpacerIssue.pdf 28.53 KB
SpacerIssue-Alto_Flute.pdf 20.03 KB


I may not be following properly. I opened your score and opened new parts.
1. The flute part I opened had the width of 5 spacer between the last two measures. Your PDF doesen't.
2. In the score, I reset the spacer at the beginning of the second line to -0.79 to bring the instrument names closer to the staves. I saved. closed, and reopened the score. In all the parts, that spacer still says 5.
No idea what all that means.

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