Multi measure rests

• Jan 4, 2024 - 22:08

I tried to enable multi-bar rests in the format and then style section, but when I checked the box, nothing on my score changed, I don't if I need to do something else and whatever I look up says you just tick the box or click M, put neither of those make multi-measure rests for me.


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You are looking at the complete score which has no empty measures where no instruments are playing. Multimeasure rests are not intended for use within a score, only within individual instruments' parts and indeed, they are enabled by default in parts. They are only displayed when there are measures containing rests in all the visible staves, which is not something you see in scores - there is always someone playing something.

So, click on the parts button and open the parts to see that the flute part shows multimeasure rests.


You can toggle on and off the display of multimeasure rests using keyboard shortcut M as you saw described in the handbook.

The piano part doesn't show multimeasure rests because the piano is playing in every measure.

If you just don't want to see the flute stave in the score when it is empty go to Format>Style>Score and tick Hide empty staves within systems and untick Don't hide empty staves within first system


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Thank you so much for all this advice, I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner, this has helped me immensely, I hope you have an epic day from this day onwards. The church shall sing your praises, a new Deity has been bestowed upon the musescore realm.

Best wishes - SmokeyBunster, your fan forever.

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