Keyboard shortcut to add cautionary accidental to the note just entered

• Dec 23, 2023 - 17:52

I've looked at and feel like it should be possible to use the minus, plus and equals keys to add a cautionary accidental to the note I've just entered. But it doesn't work - instead using these keys affects the next note I enter, and leaves the last one unaltered even though it is selected.
However if I manually select a note with the mouse or keyboard and use the minus, plus and equals keys, this does add the accidental, and change the pitch if needed. This feels inconsistent, but I feel I'm missing something.
Any pointers appreciated - the music I'm typesetting needs a LOT of cautionaries and clicking on the palette is very time-consuming.


Can you not press the accidental shortcut before you enter the note? Or add all the cautionary accidentals after all note input is done?

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A while ago (2+years I think) the note entry process was changed from specifying an accidental after entering a note letter name to specifying it before entering the letter name. As I understand it the main reason for this was to avoid hearing two notes during note entry, once before and once after an accidental was added. The note was actually entered into the score and played when the letter key was pressed (ping) and then it was modified and played again when the accidental was added (ping flat or ping sharp). Now the accidental is specified before the note letter name is pressed and so only a single note at the final pitch is played.

Moral: consistency isn't everything.

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