Dynamic seem to make no difference

• Dec 29, 2023 - 02:13

A couple of examples:
At bar 7, the second violin is barely audible, although it is marked f. Also, at bar 24, the cello is marked fff. I did this attempting to make it loud,, yet it makes no difference if I mark it f, or ff, or fff. It sounds the same volume no matter what.

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I've had a quick look at this and was unable to reproduce the issue you've described.
The second violin sounds quite clear to me at bar 7, and there does seem to be some (albeit quite slight) difference between the f and fff at bar 24 (the difference is greater if you use MS Basic).

Here's a video of what I heard.

Perhaps if you uploaded a recording demonstrating what you've heard, we can hand this over to one of our devs for trouble shooting.


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Thanks for having a look at this. I recorded a snippet to demonstrate.
In this excerpt, the crescendo does nothing, there's no increase in volume, and when the fff arrives, no change.
I change it to a f, and no change.
I remove the f, and it sounds the same.
In all 3 cases, whether there is no dynamic after the crescendo, a f, or an fff —they all sound the same.

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Your video seems to be showing something different from what you originally described. Can you post what you hear at measure 7? For me the second violin sounds as I expect - almost but not quite as loud as violin 1. Also at measure 24, the cello is quite loud, as should be expected given the fff dynamic.

I can, however, confirm that the crescendo at bar 104 doesn't seem to be very responsive. That's not really related at all to what you were originally saying about dynamics on one staff somehow affecting those on another, but it does seem to be an issue with this specific crescendo marking in this specific score. Not sure what makes this crescendo act differently from others that do work as expected, but I assume it's a bug.

So that much is worth submitting as an issue on GitHub (https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/issues). Be sure to ZIP and attach the score, and describe the issue with the crescendo in bar 104 specifically. The other issues you alluded to I cannot confirm, but if someone finds a way to reproduce those, they should be filed separately, as they would be unrelated to this.

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