MuseScore 4 Sound Cuts Out During Playback

• Jun 17, 2023 - 14:48

I have a problem where the sound cuts out while working on a song in MuseScore 4.
Only when I restart the app does the sound return but not for long.
This has been happening on two different computers, so it seems it's not a hardware problem.
I've incuded a score I've been working on.

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I see it happen in your video, but as mentioned, it plays fine for me. That suggests an issue on your system, like maybe your audio device driver is having issues, or another audio program is taking exclusive use of it, or something else. Try updating your audio device drivers, or switching to another device, also rebooting, and making sure no other pro audio programs are running, and try again.

If you ever find precise steps to reproduce the problem, let us know.

I'm having exactly the same problem with an organ score of 3 staves. Seems to be random. Exported to midi also has silenced notes. Did once find a controller setting the volume very low on the track which could be the reason.

Unfortunately it's December and this bug seems to still exist. Restarting Musescore makes it function properly for just a short bit but again after not even 10 minutes of more work the playback just doesn't make sound again.

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