Restore last session automatically

• Dec 9, 2023 - 15:47

Can we have MuseScore restore the last session automatically after a crash and not ask, especially if "Continue last session" is selected in Edit -> Preferences -> Program start?


Are you thinking immediately, so that the first thing you see after it crashing is the loading screen? I’m not 100% sure that MuseScore can tell when it crashes.

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It can tell because when re-launched after a crash, it shows a dialog asking me if I want it to restore the previous session. I think it makes perfect sense to skip this dialog and do restore the last session if "continue previous session" is selected as the startup option in the Preferences. It is just very annoying seeing this dialog and clicking Yes every time. Of course I will want to continue where I left off after MU has closed unexpectedly. Or at least I'd like to have an additional setting in Preferences that will enable me to bypass this dialog.

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