Problem inserting a system & page break in an imported Music XML file

• Dec 13, 2023 - 21:15

I have imported a Music XML file for a band score of about 35 instruments. Thanks to someone's kind suggestion, I have been able to compress the score vertically so that all parts are visible in the printable area
(Using: Format > Page Settings then in the pop up window adjusting the Staff Space value).
Now I would like to be able to break the score up for readability (parts are really tiny) so that about 18 instruments appear on alternating pages.

Any advice about how to do this would be appreciated.


Additional information for my recent post.
I think I need to insert system/page breaks to make those lower parts show up alternating pages between thesystems. But I can't find a way to make that happen trying any of the Layout options and also trying differentselections on the score.

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It is not clear to me what problem you are describing. However, the simplest way to enter system or page breaks is to select something in the measure that you want to be at the end of the system or page and then press Enter for a system break or CTRL+Enter for a page break.

See… and…

If that doesn't help come back and attach the score (the .mscz file and perhaps the .xml file you imported) and describe in more detail what you hope to happen, what you are doing to try to achieve that and what happens instead.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, the sources you point to contain the same steps I have already tried and can't get them to work.
Since I don't own the source file, I am not comfortable sharing the XML or the imported mscz files.

But I have attached the mscz with the notes stripped out and the instrument annotations left in.

What I would like to accomplish is to have measures 1 thru n of the piccolo through Bari Sax lines on one page.
And on the next page would like to have measures 1 thru n of the Trumpet through Tuba.
Then measures 1 thru n of the Timpani through Triangle on the next page.

Then follow the same 3-page pattern for measures n+1 thru m. etc. etc.

(I don't intend for anyone to conduct from the result, but to use to guide practice for various combinations of instruments with the harp part, which I already have separated.)

Thanks again!

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"I have imported a Music XML file for a band score of about 35 instruments. [..]
Now I would like to be able to break the score up for readability (parts are really tiny) so that about 18 instruments appear on alternating pages."

This is not possible in MuseScore, nor would it be useful to a conductor.

A better solution is to increase the nominal paper size, in standard ISO format terms from A4 size (210mm x 297mm) to the larger A3 size (297mm x 420mm). You change the page size in MuseScore here:
Format > Page Settings > Page Size

I notice that you are using a Letter page format, so possibly you are US-based? I attach a sample of a larger US Tabloid /ANSI-B format (279mm x431mm) which really doesn't help much with legibility.

And another alternative is to supersize to ISO A2 paper format (420mm x 594mm) and for legibility to increase the Scaling with Format > Page Settings... > Scaling > Staff space = 1.337mm
(in Imperial measure: 1.337mm = 0.053 inches)
Then you could use a free graphics editor (like GIMP) to cut each page image in half?

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Thanks. Yes, I'm US-based. It is helpful to know this is not a feature of Musescore.
Like I mentioned it was only for the purpose of practicing.
I can accomplish something similar by examining things on a computer screen and stripping out relevant parts so my harpist can learn what she'll be interacting with.

Thank you again

If I interpret correctly, you can export the full score into individual score parts through the export feature.

  1. In MuseScore, click "File",
  2. Select "Export". Ensure the format is set to PDF (or similar depending on your choice).
  3. Check the parts you want exported, or click "Select all".
  4. Click the "Export button and open a new folder to where you want the scores to be saved. Navigate to the folder.
  5. Click "Save".

Hope this helps.

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