Musescore ARM

• Dec 11, 2023 - 02:21

If now there's an experimental Musescore 4 for ARM Linux why not making an experimental Musescore 4 for Android too. I believe many composers would agree that musical ideas may come at any unpredictable places and it would be very nice to have a software to type them at mobile devices?


Because it's about more than just the cpu. The OS and the system specs play a part. I'm a PC and android guy. It pains me to think that if MU4 comes to any mobile platform first, the only one remotely powerful enough is an iPad Pro.

To add to bobjp's comment, making an app for touchscreen devices requires a completely redesigned interface, which means that it would take a lot of resources and time to make that happen. The Musescore team isn't large, and there's a whole lot of things of higher priority for MuseScore.

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yes, the "fat finger issue". for me, my device has a pen, so it would work fine as i can draw CAD and other detailed work on it. but definitely will need a wholly different approach to the UI as small touch screens need different ways to access the palettes (like circular pop outs that are common but would be annoying on a desktop).

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