String Instruments Not Exporting Correctly in Audio

• Dec 11, 2023 - 08:45

As I've been using MuseScore 4 recently, I've come up on an issue with playback specifically in the violin instrument sound in export. When I listen to the file in MS, everything is lined up to the beats correctly and doesn't sound off, but after exporting to an MP3, MP4 or WAV, the violin parts seem to be coming through/playing back earlier than the rest of the instrument parts, making the final audio file sound unaligned and rushed. This is a newer issue, as I've exported plenty of files from MS and the audio was 100% mirrored to the playback in MS, but now nothing is rendering or exporting correctly, despite not changing any settings in the export process.


Impossible to comment without a score. Please attach your score here i.e. the .mscz file.

[EDIT] ...and another thought. Has your computer recently gone through an update of the operating system? Has anything else changed?

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