I can't hear my score

• Dec 11, 2023 - 13:57

Hi, Im rlly confused can somone help? I'm currently working on a score but every time i try to play it i cant hear anything. ive read the support that musscore gave, but no joy,


First try: Edit -> Preferences -> I/O and there: Restart audio and MIDI devices.
Also check the output device and the API settings there. The settings depend on the operating system and the sound card.
Can e.g. mp3 be played correctly outside Musescore?

It may help to save the score, close MuseScore and open the score again.

Are the notes playing while entering them?

Make sure the channels for the instrument you are expecting to hear aren't muted in the Mixer. Also note that if make a range selection (eg, a full measure) before starting playback, it will solo that instrument, so selecting an empty staff will indeed produce silence. Either press Esc after selecting a measure, or just select a single note or other element instead of a range.

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