Inconsistent D.S. al Coda behavior during playback.

• Dec 10, 2023 - 01:11

The horrors of the coda strike again. My piece utilizes an ABCDBDE pattern, so I set it up like this:
A [segno] B [to coda] C [coda] D [D.S. al Coda] E. There is (at least theoretically) no repeat monkey business to be seen (the end of C has a 4-bar repeat, but it's not part of the coda). Yet, during playback, MuseScore decides it should go "ABCDBDBDE", taking the D.S. al Coda twice for some reason. My intuition says that once the D.S. al Coda is taken, it is "used up", and it should be ignored. Otherwise, you would keep playing the D.S. al Coda forever, never getting to E. Why does MuseScore do this? If it was smart enough to realize that taking the D.S. al Coda this way would result in it playing forever, wouldn't it also recognize that it SHOULDN'T TAKE IT MULTIPLE TIMES? Also, as a workaround, I tried using a first ending-second ending setup, but there seems to be no way to categorize a D.S. al Coda as part of the first ending (and yes, I put the coda both at the start of the repeat and in between the first and second endings). Any ideas?

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