Notes changing place when re-opening the file

• Dec 9, 2023 - 15:46

I was writing a piece and it has some weird note gruping, I've tried everything to fix it but nothing works.
Here is
the broken version:
Screenshot 2023-12-09 164504.png

the good version:
Screenshot 2023-12-09 164524.png


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It is not clear which measure you were were referring to in your original post. However, it seems to be somewhere in section VIII "Rubinstein and there are many problems still in the latest version. Here is what I see in measures 4-9 of that section.

Extract 1.jpg
Extract 2.jpg

There are also greyed out rests (i.e. set in Musescore as invisible) that are not exactly wrong but with strangely chosen durations. There are similar problems later in that section. As you presumably have the original score you are best placed to see what the notation should look like and fix it by re-writing that section.

How did you enter this? Is it as an imported pdf file? Optical Music Recognition (OMR) applications that convert from image to Musescore notation often misread scores. Some OMR applications work better on some scores than others. If they don't work well you often have clean up their mess manually. Sometimes the mess is so extensive that it would have been quicker to enter the whole thing from scratch.

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Well, it's in the measure 14 of the VII Rubinstein variation. I added or removed more beats so the whole thing could fit into one measure, as the original score has some weird things. Here is the link to the video that I was re-writing this from: I had to make some rests invisible, because the original score doesn't include rests resulting from cross-staff notation.

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This file shows odd leading space adjustments on notes, as well as an extremely heavy measure width adjustment, plus autoplace has been disabled for some of the notes. Those manual adjustments seem to be the cause of the problems as far as I can tell. If I reset all that, things look perfectly normal to me.

if you believe otherwise, again, please create a version where you enter the music from scratch with no manual adjustments of any kind, and post that. Or, if you find as I am that all looks fine by default, but there are some adjustments you subjectively wish to make but they aren't doing what you expect, please explain what you are trying to accomplish, and then we can assist better.

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The original version was kind of a nonsensical mess of extra notes and hidden rests and seemed to be the result of a botched PDF import, so it was really hard to say what was triggering the problem. That is why I was hoping to see a more straightforward example with everything entered normally. But now that I understand you actually created that original version manually, I guess it would still be interesting to figure out which of those strange things also had the side effect of messing up the positioning.

But as far as I can tell, the bad positioning is just a temporary glitch on the initial load that fixes itself as soon as you do anything else to that system. So it's difficult to do any experimenting to see what is triggering it. That seems to be a bug (and I can verify it's the same in nightly builds of 4.2), so please report it to the developers by opening an issue on GitHub and ZIP and attach your score there.

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