Piano Parts with moving notes of different values, multiple fingers

• Dec 10, 2023 - 00:30

Gosh, I just can't find info on how to write a couple of things
1) a piano part, that has half notes and quarter or eighth notes on same position, one is a stationary note, the other is a moving note, but MuseScore always want to make both the same value, like holding a chord. How do I have both or more in a measure, in the same position, but different values

2) the other is, can I put 2 Clefs/Parts randomly into a part, temporarily, to give the woodwind player the choice of a Flute or Clarinet, with the proper notes and key signature, but only for the short while



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Hi, and thanks for the information.

1) The Mid staff Instrument Change is not what I was looking for, I do use that a lot. But, I'm converting many old hand written charts, and they sometimes have a second staff in the middle of the woodwind part with dual instrument choices for the musician to change to (ie: clarinet or flute), so I need to add a 2nd staff temporarily, with a different instrument on it. Can I do that with something else.

2) The Voices feature is great, but is this what you would use to write the piano part of a piano sonata? It didn't talk about that much


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  1. There may be other ways but I am thinking you can either have a second staff and use the setting to hide empty staffs so it only appears in the system when there are notes, or use an ossia which is labeled for the alternative instrument.

  2. Pianos are pianos, and it doesn't matter if writing a sonata or a rock song. Any time you need different note values starting at the same time you need different voices. The handbook is not typically going to specify a particular style or genre. You might need to "pad" parts of the measure with hidden rests for certain voices for readability.

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