Does Musescore 4 support 3rd party VST Effects

• Dec 9, 2023 - 23:04

I think the answer to my question is "No", even though MU4 can work with external 3rd party VST instrument libraries.

If I'm wrong I'd like to know, but basically it looks to me as though 3rd party effects can only be implemented via DAWs.


I have experimented with three free vst's. The limited effects that come with them do seem to work. Too bad the sounds themselves aren't very good.

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I'm not quite sure what you have done. In a DAW there is usually a way to plug in an instrument VST, but also an effects VST.

The effects VST might be something like Reverse stereo channels, or Reverb.

I have used many VSTs as instruments in MU4, and I had thought there might be a way to add effects too.
Indeed I thought I had previously installed a Reverse stereo channels effect, but now I can't find out how to use an effects plugin with MU4.

Maybe something has changed in recent versions.

Some VSTs are really good, including some free ones, but there are some which aren't so good, as you have noticed.

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Through the HUB (if you are using that) there are some pretty extensive EQ and reverb effects.

I have the Spitfire BBC orchestra. I can't quite get the swell on every note in the String sounds, out. I just want a line of quarter note to play smoothly, without the start of the note being softer. Muse sounds are even worse.

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Yes - I have tried the HUB previously - but the VST "channel" effects are different, and probably more powerful.
I thought I had some working before, as I recall testing a channel swapper.

Do you have the DIscover version of BBC SO, or the Core? I think there are smooth options in the more expensive libraries.

I'll try some of the others I have to see if they also have that same swell issue. Essentially you just want a string line with an attack, and then a constant level, rather than a swell. I'll see what I can find.

I have a few in mine, they just need to be VST3 and not VST2. I never had to configure anything since musescore was able to detect them on its own, but I think you can also choose the folder where your plugins are in the preferences setting. That being said many of them don't work at all or have this weird issue of requiring a program restart to make changes take place.

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