Unable to add items to Tempo palette

• Dec 9, 2023 - 16:50

I have using the following:
OS: macOS 13.6, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.1.1-232071203, revision: e4d1ddf

I have tried following the handbook to add items to the Tempo palette. I have made sure that the palette has "Enable editing" ticked/checked and when I use cmd - shift and click on the tempo marking found in the score, the palette closes and I am unable to drag the item. The item does not move and there is not a palette to even drag the item into.

Link to video showing what is occurring when I try to click/drag the item, shift-cmd/drag, and shift-ctrl/drag the item. Also this video was taken after I had closed Musescore and restarted the app.



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Interesting. OK.
Notice the red dotted line that appears as you drag the element. On my system, that line appears if I just try to drag something. It tells me that element is connected to wherever it was before I dragged it. What should happen is that when you are dragging something to a palette, the cursor is replaed by a red circle with a slash through it.
Don't worry abut making room in the palette. Here is what I did in your score. I pressed ctrl+shift (cmd+shift as you know, for you). Then I left-clicked the element (and held the button, as you know) and the red circle appeared as I dragged a copy of the element to the palette. Items in the palette moved around for the new-element.
You can tell if it is working because the red circle appears, and the original element stays in place.

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I cannot get the red circle to appear. I have tried every combination of keys as well as turning on and off caps lock along with the key strokes. On Mac, if I include the ctrl key in the combination, this is like right-clicking on an item and just causes a window to appear. From the gif, you can see that the "more" window is closed as soon as I click on an item. I believe this is where the bug is occurring.

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Other than complete re-boot of your computer, I'm pretty much out of ideas. I don't own or know much about Macs to be of more help. Maybe someone will show up with more knowledge than me. Who am I kidding, that would be the average boulder.

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What do you want added? I can try adding them for you and post the new palette here.

Until your problem is resolved there is a way of doing it that involves a little coding if you fancy having a go:
1 Save the palette (it has a .mpal extension)
2 Give the saved palette a new name
3 Open the new palette with a ZIP management program and extract "palette.xml"
4 Use a HTML editor to open palette.xml and find the entries for "Vivace" etc.
5 Copy an existing entry (contained with cell....cell), paste it and give the cell a new name and write in the new text.
6 Re-insert the palette.xml into the .mpal file

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Yes, it closes on my system, also. But you don't need it to be open in order to drag elements to the palette.

Try this. With nothing in your score selected, open the tempo palette. Press and hold CMD+SHIFT. Move your mouse pointer over to the element you want to move to the palette. Left click and hold. On your screen it will look like nothing happened. Move the mouse and the red circle should appear. Drag to the palette and room will be made. This is a little backwards from the manual.

Otherwise, left click (do not hold) the element. Press and hold CMD+SHIFT. Left click and hold the element and drag (red circle appears) to the palette.

If you select and hold the element before you hit CMD+SHIFT, it won't work.

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The first set of steps worked. However, the red circle does not appear but this time a green colored circle with a plus sign inside of it did appear once the cursor was over the palette. Until the cursor entered the palette area, the cursor did not show anything and it appeared to be doing nothing.

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Interesting. I have no idea what all that means. But I guess that as long as something worked, that's what counts.

Though, the more I think on it, a plus sign could well mean that the element can be "added". I don't know. I'm just an old folk guitar player.

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