How to remove markings without erasing whole thing

• Dec 9, 2023 - 16:40

Hello! I am new to MuseScore. I have been writing a piece (without MIDI) and, to be honest, it has been frustrating and time-consuming. I'm slowly figuring out some cheats. I can't seem to figure out how to do certain things, such as:
How do I remove a tempo from the beginning without erasing everything I've done since writing it in?
Similarly, how do I change other markings without deleting the entire piece? When I go to the position and click the same marking on the palette (like you would to remove a note) it just adds more markings.
How do you create a large slur over an entire system?
Is there a way to change all notes in a chord from one length to another? Such as all from quarter notes to whole notes in one swoop? Or do you have to delete them all and add them again as whole notes?
Do you have to create an entirely new score to add lyrics to a piano accompaniment?


Welcome to MuseScore.
Select the tempo marking ( like Tempo=60) and hit delete on your keyboard.
Same with any markings.
Range select ( select the first note and Shift+select the last note) and select the slur from the tool bar.
Select one note of the chord and select the new length from the note tool bar.
Select the note where you want the lyrics to start and hit CTRL+L

And don't forget to spend some time in the manual.
Good luck'

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