Opening Musescore file in Logic Pro & Vice Versa

• Apr 7, 2019 - 15:26

Greetings Everyone - I am new to Musecore and from the little I've seen it is a wonderful app! I am very used to Logic Pro but keen to use Musescore more and possibly get a subscription...

1/ I have successfully opened in Logic a Musescore midi file but cannot get an .mxl file to open up with Logic. Is it possible to open a Musescore file with Lyrics attached with Logic ( ie and see the Lyrics and Chord Symbols in Logic)?

2/ Could I convert a Logic lead sheet with Lyrics into Musescore and upload it? How would I export it?

Many thanks for anyone who can point me to a FAQ Logic/Musescore compatibility




As others have already noted, Logic can easily import and export "MusicXML" files. (They are considerably more detailed than "MIDI" files.)

I own both programs, and while I appreciate Logic's abilities to produce a very serviceable score, I still turn to MuseScore as "a scoring program." The two tools complement each other very nicely.

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