Cross staff beaming in score is completely broken following a corruption.

• Dec 9, 2023 - 05:37

Recently I have been working on a score with multiple parts, which I have never done before, thus I decided to go part by part but made an exception to certain measures that I deemed important (those that were referenced in other part scores on the imslp source material.) However, there was a corruption in measure 124 based on all of the parts simultaneously recognizing an incorrect time signature. I eventually fixed this by deleting the measure and replacing its contents manually (which allowed it to save), however now I find that all the cross staff beaming I had previously inserted has been undone, and attempting to re-add it with the ctrl-shift-up/ctrl-shift-down shortcut results in unexpected behavior. Closing and reopening has thus far not been able to fix the issue, and it is happening score-wide.
As an example (this problem happens wherever there are sections of long beamed 32nd notes)
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

Attached below is the file this problem is happening to:


You must to write all upper line on upper staff AND all bottom line on bottom staff. THEN select the notes wich will cross staves and move them (ctrl+shift+up arrow or ctrl+shift+down arrow). Adjusting beams position will be necessary.

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It's fixed! I'm not sure exactly why it worked, but I copied and pasted everything to a new piano staff as you said to do and now it works properly. The only problem I had is that I needed to re-beam everything since it was undone following the corruption, but I hadn't done too much work already so it wasn't that much trouble. Thank you!

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