• Dec 6, 2023 - 21:35

I'm trying to put in a normal triplet but it keeps placing a sixteenth note in the middle instead of an eighth and wont let me make just a normal triplet with eight notes


To make triplets, you need to use the note you want to split in three to make them. (i.e. quarter note makes 8th note triplets). Using an eighth note results in 16th note triplets.
Hope that helps!

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This is not necessarily the case. Use "Other" and enter a ratio. In the illustration, two chords have been converted from half notes to tuplets, the first with Ctrl+3, the second with the specified ratio = 3:8.
If you enter 3:4 instead, you will get eighth notes. The playback is the same in all cases.
I cannot say whether the alternative notation makes sense.

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