any ideas why i have no sound from Musescore?

• Dec 5, 2023 - 21:26

i do have sound with other applications.
Musescore "sees" my Audiofire, the VU's are bouncing in the mixer...
Thank you!

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Change the buffer from 1024 to 4096. But more importantly, change Audio device to whatever you are actually using to hear. IE headphones or speakers. Not default.

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Try unchecking "Exclusive mode" In the computer sound settings for the Audiofire. Look up exclusive mode for your OS. There is a "how to.." for Windows sound problems in the how to section of support.
You don't need to change the buffer. But sometimes it helps.

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thanks but i am not sure what you are saying.
I am on UbuntuStudio, not on MSwindows. The Audiofire12 is my external soundcard and i wish to use that since it is routed to the amp and speakers.
Normaly with other applications (firefox mediaplayers, ardour, ...) i do have sound. So i presume the AF12 is setup correctly. Also with the mixer showing in Musescore [f10] the VUmeters(in musescore) are bouncing, but not on the Audiofire.

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And in notation software an external audio device can be the problem. Normal computer trouble shooting would be to disconnect everything. If sound works in MU4 then you can add things until it doesn't work. Many people have gotten sound to work by turning off exclusive mode. I'll do a little Googling.

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