MuseScore 4.2 Beta Crashes when importing .mscz file

• Dec 5, 2023 - 13:25

So I'm quite impressed on how everything looks in the beta testing stage of MuseScore 4.2. However, there's one thing that really throws me off.

When I imported one of my original compositions (via. .mscz file), the application crashes.

idk what could be the problem. Isn't the pitch shifting plugin the problem? Isn't Muse Sounds the problem? Isn't the customizable key signatures for the Harp the problem?

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A Dream from the Past.mscz 182.1 KB


I can confirm it crashes the beta, but not the latest 4.2 nightly build. So presumably a bug already fixed. There was one I saw involving an arepggio that spanned to a rest, that may be it.

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