Updating scores for new version 4.1.1

• Dec 5, 2023 - 11:37

Today I opened Musescore for the first time in a month or so to find it's been updated. When I tried to open one of my existing scores I had to jump several hoops before I could use it. To be safe, I copied my entire existing Musescore (version 3) directory to a new location and then updated the preferences in the program to use this newly created location. But it didn't recognise any of the hundreds of v3 scores I have previously created, and as far as I can see my only option is to open all of these v3 files one by one and then save them as v4 files. I really hope I'm wrong about that. Someone tell me I'm wrong about that.


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Ok I see on your profile you're a Musescore developer. Here's a quick tip for you and all the other developers - when you make massive changes to the program, always ensure your users are easily able to upgrade. If you can't do that - get another job.

I'm ditching this piece of shit program as of now

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Except that Jojo is not "a MuseScore developer", or at least definitively not "a MuseScore developer taking decision".
He is "only" a contributor taking his free time to help everybody as much as he can, with code indeed, or with answers to help requests.

And why do you need to upgrade all your V3 files to V4 is a mystery, when on disk unopened it really doesn't matter which format they are, and any time you open one file it is upgraded by the simple action to open it.

What do you mean by "not recognise" ? It isn't super clear, and even less when you say "open them", how can you open them if they are not recognised?

You are wrong about that :-). First, MuseScore would never ever update itself from 3 to 4 without you explicitly doing so, but it would indeed update from 4.0 to 4.1 if you enabled the automatically update option when you installed 4.0. On the other hand, no special hoops should be need to open a 4.0 score in 4.1. So I'm guessing whatever you are seeing is something else like literally opening a score from way back in MuseScore 3. That can indeed sometimes require a little fix up -nusually, though, things just look and sound better with no intervention required.

Anyhow, regardless of any of that, you don't have to do a thing with any of your old scores - no need to open them all and save or anything of the sort. Y0ur hundreds of scores created in MuseScore 3 remain exactly where they have always been, in the folder you saved them to, and either MuseScore 3 or MuseScore 4 is happy to open them whenever you need to, just navigate to the appropriate folder.

In other words "it didn't recognize any of the hundreds of v3 scores" is simply not true - you must have simply not navigated to the correct folder.

If you need further assistance, please explain in more detail what exactly you are doing, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead.

Firstly, apologies to all for my rant. It was the end of a long hot day and I was tired and cranky. No excuse though.

Thanks for pointing out that the files can still be played. When I said that they aren't recognised I meant that each time I opened them there was a notice pointing out that it was a v3 file - I see now that this doesn't matter, and I've also told the program to not show me that notice again.

@ Marc Sabatella, yes it did jump from 3.? to 4.1 - but neither Musescore or myself had any input to that. I use Fedora linux and the update came through when I upgraded Fedora to the latest release.

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Ah, I hadn't considered that you might be using one of those third-party builds that self-updates through the distribution. To be clear, the only supported builds of MuseScore for Linux are the AppImages provided directly on this site (and installed via the "install" command line option). Those update only when you ask them to (e.g., by running "mscore4portable update"). All sorts of unexpected problems can occur when using third-party builds, so beware.

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