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• Dec 5, 2023 - 09:54

I am familiarizing myself with MuseScore 4, but still keeping the MuseScore 3 version.
1- One important issue that is bothering: the MuseScore files are not compatible between the two versions: You can open version 3 file in version 4, but once you save it in version 4, version 3 does not recognize it anymore.
2- Copy of measures and notes in version 4 can not be pasted in version 3 and vice versa.
I think that version 4 has still some bugs. For example:
Repeat Barlines: I changed the End measure properties from 2 Play count. to 3:
Playing back: Visually the moving bar plays the segment 3 times while the sound leaves the segment after the second time. and there is no more correlation between the sound and the visual bar.
The same phenomena occur when I change the Play count. from 3 back to 2.


  1. My MuseScore 3.7 Evolution can open Mu4 scores...
  2. Copy/paste can't work between 2 different (major) versions, AFAIK it never did and never will
  3. Please provide a sample score

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On the video below the end measure of the barline was changed from Ply count. 3 to 2.
Then playback was selected.
You see the video that the visual indeed perform the segment two times and continues, but the sound plays the segment 3 times. After the second time there is no more synchronization between the sound and the visual bar.
Another point to be emphasized: The first note of the segment is heard only the first time but not the second and third time.
I wanted to attach the video file showing the my explanation, unfortunately it's not possible. Because the bug does not occur every time but generally after making the change on the end measure properties.

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It's definitely always the case that files creates in one major version can't be opened in an older version,a dn copy and paste also does not work between versions - those are the pretty much unavoidable price of progress.

As for changing play count on a bar - that is a known bug indeed. It fixes itself the next time the playback info is regenerated, like by further editing or by save and reload.

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