Intense lag adding/removing measures

• Dec 3, 2023 - 15:55

Hi all,

I'm experiencing significant (~15 second) delays in editing a fairly small score, especially when the edits move measures around. I previously described this in a post on the MS subreddit (…). I had thought it might have to do with frequent use of chord symbols, but the issue has persisted after I deleted all of them.

I've attached a version of the score with all the notes scrambled for privacy. The 15 second delays happen most frequently when I add or remove measures, or when I copy and paste. Marc Sabatella on the subreddit said there may be undetected corruption in my score—is this possible?

Thank you!

[EDIT: Resolved! See Marc Sabatella's comment below. I have removed the uploaded score.]


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There does seem to be a corruption. I think a big part of it is page six.

At first, I tried to add a measure after measure 3. It took over 45 seconds. I noticed that measure 15 was short a 16th note in the mandolin part. I removed all the notes in that measure and tried to add a measure again. This time it took almost two minutes.
Then I noticed that scrolling the score slowed down at page six. I can't see a problem with the page. I deleted the page and was able to add a measure normally.
I don't have an answer for you, but I would take a serious look at page six. Might require a rewrite of some type.

Your score has thousands of spurious slurs. There was a bug long long ago where that could happen occasionally but I hadn't seen any cases of this in years. Any chance the score dates back to that period? Anything else unusual you can think of that might explain how the score got into this state?

Anyhow, to fix it, try the following:

1) right-click the first slur
2) select / similar
3) delete

Now it should respond normally. You'll need to re-add the slurs you actually wanted, of course.

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First clue was the file size - way bigger than that score should have been. That triggered my memory of that old bug. And then the confirmation was opening the MSCZ file in a ZIP utility and opening the MSCX file within the archive in a text editor and seeing thousands of lines of slurs.

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