strange note lengths in playback

• Dec 3, 2023 - 11:31

In ms4, the playback sounds strange. Is this some sort of artificial intelligence that just fails for baroque music? Or is my ear just playing tricks on me. Take a listen to measure 10 with the clarinet on solo. The note lengths just sound wrong to me.

To my ear, the clarinet notes are not falling on the right beats in the playback


I have not been able to find anything abnormal.
Only the clarinet's C#5 seemed louder than the rest to me.
The clarinet uses "Muse Sounds" which I changed to "MS Basic" in the Mixer.
It sounds better now and, for example, trills are performed better.

On my system playback length of notes is correct. What does sound off is the way the clarinet articulates the staccatos and trills. Just to hear the difference, change to the Muse Basic clarinet. Rhythm and articulation are correct though the clarinet doesn't sound all that great.

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