Why is the last note of the highlighted measure so much louder, off beat, and making an obnoxious sound

• Dec 2, 2023 - 05:19

I've tried everything to fix the problem, even completely uninstalled Musescore and redownloaded to see if that works but nothing. It had been working beautifully before but for some reason this week it started to act funny. This nug appears a couple of times throughout the score but it is not consistent as in the same not progression can exist but the bug does not happen, it only happens on specific measures.

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Sorry about that, I'm aware you can't hear it, but I'm not exactly sure how to upload a video, it doesn't seem to be in the supported file type for uploading an attachment. I was hoping someone would have encountered the same problem as me and be able to recognize it through the photo and description.

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