how to write multiple tied notes with minimum number of voices

• Dec 1, 2023 - 16:35

Hi, I'd like to know how to enter (ideally, with a minimum number of voices), the score from the score excerpt attached, in the bar with my annotations.

The time signature is 3/4, the upper stave is treble and lower is bass, and we're in B minor.


I probably don't understand what's going on there, I'm missing something. I'm a beginner in reading music (and Musescore as well). As I read it, voice 1 is fully notated, and so is voice 2 (starting with the two rests), but there appears to be a third voice for the last crotchet F(#). But that's tied with a previous note, so I'd assume that's part of that voice, except then the second voice is not complete. Or something.

In any case, how can I write this is Musescore? I'd appreciate an explanation of what's really going on in that measure, but I appreciate people might not have the time for that. Thanks!

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The ties on the last two Fs are piano writing shorthand. In reality the first F would be played as if it was a dotted eighth tied to the quarter note. Musescore will replicate what is in your picture if you add the tie to the first F after you have entered the second one. I agree with Jojo that the half note is best placed in voice 3.

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Enter the notes in first - untied. Then get out of note entry mode (press Esc). Then while not in note entry mode select the first note and press T (or in MU 3 +) or use the tie button in the toolbar to add a tie to the next note This works no matter how far apart the two notes are.

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Both of these only use 2 voices. The only difference in the second one (as opposed to the original is that the stem on the last D is up and not down.

Actually, just now in the second measure, I selected the last D and changed it to voice three. Then I reversed the stem. Now it looks like the original.

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Did you mean to attach or link to something. Otherwise sorry but I don't get what you mean.

I'm very much surprised of the quick and many replies, I'm really grateful. I'm a newbie though, so I really appreciate you bearing with me.

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