Muse3 - Export to .WAV, Amplitude strength is inconsistent between different tempos. i.e 72BPM vs 70BPM

• Dec 1, 2023 - 15:53

When exporting to a .WAV file, I seemed to get different amplitude values (only tested the 2 values mentioned)
1. Create a new score with a Wood Block instrument, default time sig.
2. Set the tempo to 72bpm and finish setup.
3. Fill in score with quarter notes from wood block A.
4 Export to Wav. (name as 72BPM)
5. Change the Tempo to 70.
6. Export to Wav. (name as 70BPM)
Listen to each, or open in a f-curve editor. Notice that the 72bpm will have a consistent dynamic ceiling, where the 70bpm will fluctuate.

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70BPM.mscz 17.55 KB
72BPM.mscz 15.55 KB


Your file 70BPM.mscz uses "Finger Snap", the other "Wood Block". Not comparable.
"Finger Snap" is about 10 dB quieter on the left channel, even if the balance control is in the centre.

If I change the 72BPM.mscz file (Wood Block) to a 70 BPM tempo, I get the same result of both in an audio editor. There are still small differences, but this is due to the digital audio representation (position of sample points). You can't hear that!

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Thank you for spending the time and evaluation. Yep, minor stuff for sure.
Apologies on the lazy uploads (I had multiples generated during my troubleshooting).
Note - if you're using amplitude values to drive animation or color curves with f-curves, musescore may not be the final destination for said anim'hackery.
Thanks again.

i'm blown away by the level of technical expertise displayed. Didn't expect so many all rounded producers use musescore rather than daw. The other post's discussing internal workings of wave file!

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