Arpeggio not connecting multiple voices

• Dec 1, 2023 - 09:17

When I select notes from more than 1 voice and press the arpeggio, it creates 2 separate arpeggios and is disconnected. How do I make it 1 single arpeggio?

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If there are two voices it implies there are two independent parts (notionally two players each with their own line). Two players would surely start their arpeggios at the same time rather than one starting when the other has finished. If you want a single arpeggio to cover all the notes then it really only makes sense if the notes are in the same voice.

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It can be written in Musescore. Attach the arpeggio to the upper note, select the lower handle of the arpeggio and press down arrow to extend it downwards. Or alternatively attach the arpeggio to the lower voice and extend upwards to cover the upper notes However, Musescore only plays an arpeggio in the voce to which it is attached. And of course Lilypond doesn't play back anything!

There is already a relevant feature request here

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