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• Nov 30, 2023 - 10:14


Wondering how can I stop after the jump? Playback is working as expected but I'm hoping to stop on measure 39, after hitting the 2nd part, but it still jumps to the solo part (the 2nd time). Tried playing around some of the symbols and checking online but still couldn't figure it out. Attaching a screenshot of my sample score. Thanks for the help!

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Please attach the score itself, not a picture that doesn't even show everything. I'm missing a "D.S. al Fine" there, for example ...

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Here, I am assuming you want the Solo part to be played only once.
So, looking at your score, your use of voltas lacks an end repeat barline - which are normally found in alternate endings.
and this important point: "Note: Each volta section, except the final one, should end with an end repeat barline."
(Look at the pictures of voltas.)

For your score, though, you can dispense with using voltas.
If you wish to use a Coda for an ending, you can do something like this:
However, that coda (which is actually measures 32 - 39 in your attached score) is identical to the notes in measures 24 - 31.
In which case, you can do something like this:
where the lyrics are placed into a second verse for the repeated part.

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Wow thanks for rearranging it! The 1st one is clean but the -3 looks child-friendly, so I'll use this instead for the kids to easily read them. Thank you so much!

Just wondering, adding a repeat barline after volta 1 just repeats it back to the top, which stops me from going to the solo and messes up the order of the song. I also don't think I need a pair of repeat barline, In this particular arrangement, do you think the repeat barline is still needed on the 1st volta?

I also accidentally played your score in musescore 4.1.1, its not recognizing the Fine symbol on time. -_- It's working well in 3.6.

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