How to adjust space between system breaks

• Nov 29, 2023 - 15:26


I have system breaks throughout my score. On the last page, there are only 3 lines.

Musescore is adding huge amounts of space between them in order to distribute them evenly across the page vertically. How do I adjust the space so the 3 lines stay close together?

Thanks for any help.


You say you have system breaks throughout your score. Did you add them or were they present in an imported score? If so, start by deleting them all and then try to even up the distribution of systems by re-adding them in more sensible places. Or are you talking about the "soft" system breaks that Musescore adds automatically? If so, you could try adding page breaks at suitable places to even out the number of systems per page, or you might adjust some of the settings in Format>Page Settings to make margins smaller or larger or reduce or increase the scaling. Without seeing the score it is impossible to say what might work best in your specific case.

For more specific help, please come back and attach the score (the .mscz file) that you are having difficulty wih. Then someone will be able to see what is going on and how best to achieve what you are looking for.

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Vertical justification is a score-wide setting. Disabling it will remove vertical justification on all pages.

If the desired look is for there to be a space beneath the last system, it is much better to leave the vertical justification set but to instead add a Staff Spacer down to the lowest staff as described here…. This preserves the vertical justification on the other pages.

However, without knowing what the OP's score contains and what settings may have already been adjusted (which a look at the requested .mscz would reveal), and what the OP wants to achieve, it is pretty pointless guessing what adjustments may help the OP.

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