My account is missing

• Nov 28, 2023 - 21:22

Good evening, I have been on MS for several years and I have quite a few scores, some of which "worked" very well, with a lot of views and comments. Several weeks ago, my PC was "slowing" and I ran my antiviruses, CCleaner and others. As is often the case, my passwords have disappeared, and at the first connection on MS, no Log in, and when I try to reconnect, instead of offering me to go through FaceBook, it launches me on .... .Google I think. When I ask for a new password again, my email address on GMX is unknown, it gives me a GMAIL address that I never short, impossible, after lots of tries, to enter my old account which was in the name of "Raymond Wicquart".
I recreated a new account with the name "raymondwicqua" (I did not choose) and my new account is empty, I have not added any new score.
If I use the forum search window, the top window to search for scores, and I type "Raymond Wicquart", I find myself on my 1st account, with all my scores, but without really being able to go into it, anymore notifications, more “views”, more comments.
If someone has an idea........


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Nobody here in the user forum on .ORG can change your account settings or access. But, if you don't want to contact .COM or don't get an answer, did you ever back up your browser settings? It's possible your saved passwords are in a .../profile directory or something but you'd need to Google for your operating system and browser. If you had saved it then you might be able to copy it into your current browser folder (again, you'll need to Google where that is) and your browser will have cookies and passwords back for access to sites.

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