Date format for header/footer

• Nov 25, 2023 - 23:17

I know there were some older posts about this, but is there anyway to use different date formats for $M header and footer entries? (sorry to be a dinosaur and still am most used to MM-DD-YYYY over ISO format)


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Just to clarify ... I am only able to get YYYY-MM-DD ... it sounds like your problem was the opposite, you only got MM-DD-YYYY? I understand the issue with US system, but part of my problem is that my 70 year old piano teacher gets confused with ISO date format, so it is creating issues when we exchange scores and while I can change me, I don't think I can change his preference :-)

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Yes, the problem shifted from American format onlyin 4.0 to ISO format only in 4.1+, as a quick'n'dirty fix. A clean fix (following the user's locale, like in Mu2 and Mu3) still doesn't exist.

And face it: the American format is the most confusing one on the planet, but you could use a 4.0 version if you really need it.

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