playback changes note values

• Nov 22, 2023 - 00:18

I am writing a string quartet, and seeing something I haven't seen with section violins. On playback, it is changing the rhythm of what I've written.

I have 2 eighth notes followed a by a quarter note. If that quarter note is f, I get two eighth notes instead of a quarter on playback. If I move it up to an f#, it sounds as written. In the attached, what I have in the top staff plays as if I have written what's in the lower staff.

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Please attach the score. No one can hear a picture nor look at the MuseScore notes or code to have a chance at working out what is going on unless you post the .MSCZ MuseScore file.

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Oddly, this problem resolved by closing/re-opening the score. However, other issues persist, such as the playback scooping into the note at the start of measure 5 in the 1st violin. Also, no matter how I mark the dynamics in the 2nd violin at bar 26, it plays a sort of mezzo forte. I've got it marked ff, but no change.

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Violin 1 or 2 only refers to playing style. Violin 1 is a more expressive font. Although both tent to play what the want. Rather than what is written. We all are kind of stuck with it for now.
Hairpins will work better if you have dynamic marks at the end of them

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