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• Nov 12, 2023 - 16:28

I'm using MuseScore 4 and I recently have had trouble with the playback. Some instruments do not play in time, especially flute 2, and others, such as violins 1 and horns in the pedal register, distort certain rhythms. The playback was working well until I noticed these issues a few days ago, and I've been checking various scores and while they used to sound perfectly fine, they now have all sorts of strange rhythmic issues in the playback. Furthermore the balance between instruments, especially in louder sections, is now muddled.

As far as I'm aware I haven't changed anything with MuseScore, or even anything on my computer, recently. I've restarted my computer and tried a factory reset on MuseScore, but none of that has helped. I haven't been able to find any recent posts describing similar issues, and I've tried creating new orchestral scores, I've checked the sound fonts in the mixer which are still the standard MuseScore 4 sounds, and I have no idea what else to do. I've attached a file with some excerpts containing a few of the clearer rhythmic issues, and labeled them with staff text. Would someone be able to help me resolve this issue?

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I have this exact issue. Unusable as of right now, it completely messes up my scores and playback. Hopefully a fix comes out sooner than later…

Considering that Musescore is a cross-platform application, it would be good if you specify which OS you are using (Linux, Windows, MacOS) since the way they handle audio is different. It would help to know if Musescore is causing an issue on a specific OS.
Playback is ok for some, and doesn't work for others. I am using ubuntu 22.04 and version of Musescore. Here, playback does not work at all. In addition to that, every time I run a program an ALSA object is created, but it is not deleted when I quit the program. So if I open and quit the program eight times, I get eight "ALSA plug-in [mscore4portable]" objects.
I am using Ubuntu 22.04 with pipewire audio.

Luis Antonio Becerra Bárcenas
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I am also having the same issue on my macOS 13.4. Some of the instruments in all of my scores such as the strings and brass instruments from the Muse Sounds libraries are playing ahead of time and it's very noticeable

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