Multiple jumps in MS 3.62

• Nov 8, 2023 - 16:29

Hi folks. I hope you can help me. I don't seem to get what to do. I am working on a complex song, and want to play the song from "start" to the end of measure 81, then jump back to the beginning of measure 40, play until the end of measure 64, then jump from 64 to the beginning of measure 82 and play to the end. So, I have two jumps to make. Having used jumps only once in Musescore, I just don't grasp how to set this up. Could you guys help me by listing what repeats/jumps symbols I need to put where? Thanks in advance.

Frank G


  1. Add a Dal Segno al Coda to measure 81
  2. Add a Segno at measure 40
  3. Add a To Coda at measure 64
  4. Add a Coda marking at measure 82

The Dal Segno at measure 81 says jump to the Segno (which is at measure 40).
The To Coda at measure 64 says jump to the Coda (which is at measure 82) when you get here 2nd time around.

[Edited to correct mistake reported below and to keep all the correct instructions in one place]

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Thanks to Steve and all you guys. It worked fine. I followed the 4 steps Steve outlined above, and Voila ... the score jumps as it should. I sort of understand why it all works, but I will need more practice. Anyway, I will be ready to post my song up to Musescore soon. Watch for it on my channel. It is really powerful (it was used in the trailer to the movie, "300", starring Gerard Butler). Very stirring music. It's called "Imperatrix Mundi", by Jo Blankenburg.

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