MuseScore 4 unusably unstable

• Dec 27, 2022 - 23:02

I am working on a large score I began work on in MS4 (it wasn't ported over from MS3.6). It is a score for full orchestra, and now over 100 bars long. By the 100 bars mark, it was becoming incredibly laggy, but I figured it was because of my computer, which is quite good (16 GB of RAM, i7 2.60 GHz processor), but still ocasionally has issue running things. However, I went to edit an earlier bit in the score, and as soon as I did some editing, MS4 would crash upon saving the edits. I got around this by not copy-pasting notes, but re-entering them manually, for a bit which I had to reorchestrate. I went to edit another thing (changing one melody in an instrument) and, again, it crashed. For this, I wasn't able to enter the new notes neither by writing over the old notes, nor by deleting the whole passage, and re-entering the notes. I gave up on that issue and went to work on other things. I wanted to change the time signature, and upon entering the new one, MS4, again, crashed. I am unable to solve this issue anyhow I try.
I am enjoying the new version very much, and I think it is incredible work, but I am wondering are there any ways to improve stability.
(Also, I just noticed after posting that I posted this in general disscussion, and not Bugs and support, my mistake)


In order for someone to understand and assist, you would need to attach your score and describe the precise steps that lead to the instability you are perceiving.

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Hi, Mark...
Are you a developer on this project?
On the above issue, and on most that myself and others report, how many steps leading up to the incident would you suggest that we list? Also, (as in this latest case for me), what if you just opened a simple score, placed a singe-word staff text, and suddenly The 'Not Responding' appears on the top-left of the window, how do you attach a crashed score? If I forcibly close the app, (and therefore the score), nothing that has been edited since the previous autosave will be included.
I am also a developer, although not in this particular category. Many times, I needed to be able to create a sort of 'crash dump' similar to Microsoft's protocol. It would require an additional 'monitoring process' but it mighjt be useful to be able to determine why version 4 of MuseScore is nearly 'Unusably Unstable' for many. As a person with an extreme depth in all things music, and in all things computer, I would have guessed that many of the issues arise within the communications between the app and the HAL, (regarding MIDI, audio drivers, etc.). But it seems that variable calls are so delayed that the flow of the program loses the thread of some calls.
By the way, I just shutdown MuseScore and it faithfully kept the edits previous to the autosave. You might warn people never to select 'No' when MuseScore is restarted. I have experienced that it completely removes the project. The lesson here is "make as many backups as you can!"

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No one on the forums is a developer. We are all users just trying to help each other. Are you helping by dragging up a post that is almost a year old. MU4 has gone through much updating. Is it perfect? Not at all. Many people who have problems either do not have a computer that meets the proper specs, or have not set their computers up to run MU4. And not everyone takes proper care of their computers.
I have never had a crash when working on my own scores. I have loaded scores that have crashed other people's computers. And, yes, they crash mine. It is usually because they have done something improper. Or there is a problem with mxl or PDF import.

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To clarify: I and quite a few others who post to the forums are among the hundreds of volunteers who have contributed to MuseScore development over the years. But the most active developers tend to spend their time actually developing and not reading forums :-)

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I've contributed quite a bit to the development over the years, although I'm not so active right now. So, I have lots of insight into the process even if I'm not likely to be someone looking into any specific problem you might be having.

I can tell you, the single most useful is a score and precise steps to reproduce the problem. Ideally, as short a sequence of steps as possible, so if it takes a longer sequences, you'd save the score just before last couple of steps so we can simply start from there.

In your examples of opening a simple score and placing a text, just attach the score and text us what text to attach and and where and how. As in:

  1. load attached score
  2. select note X in bar Y
  3. click "Staff" text in Text palette

or whatever the steps are.

I'm not sure what you mean by HAL in this context - the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey? - but anyhow, most likely those who find MuseScore crashes often are simply encountering one bug over and over, because it's triggered by a corruption in their particular score or a bug in the way they typically use one specific command. Impossible to say except for the cases where people actually post the steps to reproduce the problem they are encountering.

As for MuseScore removing your project, that absolutely never happens. Any file you save is there on computer exactly where you saved it, crash or no crash, restore or no restore. The only thing removed is the autosave that is created specifically for crash recovery and no other reason. So if you say you don't want the crash recover, then indeed, you've just told MuseScorer to delete the autosave. But your score itself is not affected in any way whatsoever.

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