Separation between left and right hand in a piano score

• Oct 29, 2023 - 14:45

Good morning,
I'm learning the piano and I like being able to work with one hand by lowering the corresponding sound while having the sound in the other hand. Using a classical piano score this is not possible since there is only one channel (this may not be the appropriate term...) Until now on MuseScore 3 I took a staff in treble clef from the chorus (e.g. soprano) and a second in bass clef (e.g. bass). Then to get the sound of the piano I chose “Grand piano” in the mixer. I then modified the names of each staff in staff properties (Right Hand Left Hand) and it was very practical. This made it possible to turn the sound up or down when I used my tablet on the piano. I can't do the same thing on museScore 4. Once you choose an instrument type, you can't choose the sound. Can you tell me if I missed something or if it is indeed impossible and if it is definitive in which case I will continue to use MuseScore 3 (but for how long?). Thank you for your reply.


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